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Aerial Towers



VISUALS Two rooms lit by bare lightbulbs on opposite raised platforms; tower blocks between them.
A sea of lightbulbs.
A single lightbulb lowers over a body
Isolation. Mood is strange, surreal, wary
SOUND Taps dripping, tinkling sounds, and the drum beat continues.
Continuous high-pitched synthesised notes assault the brain
Intermittent 5-note riff appears, repeats then transforms into a more syncopated idea.
Sound fades to one long whistle which segues into scene 8
Indoors in the city in a squalid bedsit with leaks.
Restricted, trapped, unable to escape – like a migraine
Development; progress?
Very tense, unnerving
MOVEMENT Two women: one clutching her head & pacing, the other watching and reaching out with a familiar arm gesture across the dark space between them

Eventually they drift from their rooms across the darkness; one trying to evade the other. When contact is finally made, it is accepted & they move between tense holds & balances a-top precarious group sculptures. The arm gestures recur between sculptures

One is thrown to the roof, hangs there for a moment, then drops and falls in a corner; a man rushes over to her.

One is evasive, in pain, trying to escape; the other sympathetic. She wants to help

The women move like automatons/puppets; mechanically & awkwardly with arms held out. Wary

A death drop: a sudden, dramatic, character-driven event that pulls us back to the narrative.

Summary of Meaning, Mood and Significance

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