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A story within a story


Sperm Dance *35:20 - 37:34*


VISUALS Film: swimming sperm. Giant Egg.
Minimal flesh coloured, skin tight costumes
Naomi is ‘swallowed up’ inside the set
Sparkling coloured lights
Nakedness, internal
Sperm & egg fertilisation
Electrical particle exchange: a new life
SOUND Long, sustained, synthesised sounds create a wash of sound punctuated by live laughter and sizzling sound effects of sparking electrics.
The minor mode changes to major: harmonious choral – almost symphonic – texture
Childlike innocence, ease & wonder.
Particle exchange
Magical, life-changing
MOVEMENT Following, looking around randomly, tripping up bumping into others, laughing, distracted,
Naomi breaks away to run faster with more purpose & gravitates to the egg,
Her head disappears into the cloth of the set; the rest of her body wriggles vigorously and she eventually folds herself into the material and disappears.
Becci appears to lift her out from the egg shape
Child-like, carefree, uncertain, having fun.
Naomi – more purposeful & determined – reaches the egg. Gentle, enveloping,
Birth journey begins

Summary of Meaning, Mood and Significance

Aerial Foetus *37:34 - 41:41*


VISUALS Coloured flickering lights in the film follow Naomi’s progression and end with a foetus image which fades as she drops into Becci’s arms Particle exchange, magical, growth, new life
SOUND A harmonious textured wash of synthesised keyboard sound, set against the crackle of electricity. Melodic strings are slow and sustained
A heartbeat
Gentleness, fragility, beauty: the miracle of bio-electrical exchange
Literal beginning of new life
MOVEMENT Adopting different foetal positions, Naomi is passed between dancers suspended from set.
First – curled positions, growing progressively more stretched out until she hangs fully stretched. Becci embraces her like a baby before passing her back & clambering to the floor to catch her.
Perilous growth in the womb, cared for and loved.
There are several stages to the process or pregnancy, each one, amazingly complicated & full of beauty and danger
Birth & safe delivery into her mother’s arms

Summary of Meaning, Mood and Significance

Mother-Daughter Duet *41:41 - 44:17*


VISUALS Empty stage. No film. Naomi dances in flesh-coloured ‘birthday suit’. Becci fully clothed. A dress is popped over Naomi’s head and arms Simple, intimate.
Clothing Naomi suggests she is growing up
SOUND A single, sinuous soprano melody is sung above a gentle percussive rhythm. It echoes & repeats, later with more instrumentation on strings and a sitar pedal note. All finally blend to make a coherent whole Gentle, uncomplicated to start, growing ever richer and more detailed to suggest increasing complexity as a dependent child becomes an independent unit
MOVEMENT Always in contact, Hands are highlighted; looking, supporting, holding, lifting, spinning, turning, counterbalancing. Eventually Naomi is supporting her mother in similar holds
Danny enters & clothes Naomi. All three walk up the diagonal
Love: watching, embracing, closeness, Naomi grows stronger and more independent; returning affection & supporting her mother
Fatherly; a family

Summary of Meaning, Mood and Significance

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