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Memories of Paris



VISUALS Film shows the interior of a tiny two-room bedsit – naturalistic – door, TV, sink, bed.
The dancers interact with the film: the TV flicks on in response to a man aiming a remote at it, a drawer opens & a T-shirt flies out and hits the man in the chest; the bed ‘becomes 3D’ when sat on.
Opposite: Interior of a club – red light
Strong location & identification with characters.
Light relief: humour, wit, playfulness, fun
SOUND A sustained note leads to a complete contrast in the soundtrack: an electric piano, tambourine and maracas play a rhythmic Latin American salsa dance beat. Strings are added then fade and finish with a solo violin and finally a sustained synthesised metallic sound. Exciting, flirtatious, light & optimistic – the music of youth and nightlife.
Empty. A tense reminder of the lightbulb scene & strop duets – foreboding
MOVEMENT Naturalistic mime actions – getting dressed, doing hair & make-up, checking appearance, watching TV, dancing, bantering & pretending exasperation. Live action interacts with film events.
Slow motion dancing vs real time: Becci and Danny return to flat. kiss. He leaves. She pauses, hunches shoulders, hand to head.
Playful, fun: a young couple get ready and head out together to enjoy a night out with friends.
Time speeds forwards – the couple are older & she is surprised by sudden severe pains in her head.

Summary of Meaning, Mood and Significance

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