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Fast Forward *44:17 - 46:33*


VISUALS Speeded up film of a city street bustling with people with some frozen in close-up Time passing quickly
SOUND Abrupt change from calm wash to rapid & rhythmic 4/4 time. Piano riffs & arpeggios lead to a driving, syncopated rhythmic accompaniment of crotchets and dotted crotchets.
Three further riffs are introduced: an insistent 4-crotchett riff in the bass; a bubbling ‘two sets of triplets followed by a minim’ phrase & a two bar long motif with two sets of triplets as a descending violin idea
Sudden switch to a busy, lively, city vibe.
Life is busy, full of surprises and keeps you on your toes
Suggesting different voices – the parents, the child, others – complicating relationships and lives
MOVEMENT Individuals and pairs follow their own paths, criss-crossing the space to meet others in a speedy succession of character-driven 1-1 interactions & relationships.
They run, jump, lift, swing, stop, brush past each other and periodically freeze to link with still images in the film.
One by one Danny lifts and throws others with particular energy; also hits and shakes his head violently.
Naomi meets Al.

Becci and Danny are not entirely happy she will be safe.

Is Danny in pain and lashing out?

Multiple fast-paced distractions, stories & people: a life in fast-forward

Summary of Meaning, Mood and Significance

Lightbulb Duet *46:33 - 48:12*


VISUALS A single lightbulb is lowered & is the only light source in the duet. It rises when Becci moves to touch it.
A second bulb lowers into Becci’s path as she tries to escape the space. She exits.
Dark, gloomy. The bulb is ‘evasive’ as though resisting analysis. She tries to escape it but another lowers rapidly to block her path. Whatever it represents is seemingly unavoidable.
SOUND The music continues unchanged from the previous busy scene except for a semi-tone rise and fall in the strings.
The busyness then falters and decays, gradually fragmenting and stopping as the piano plays a descending idea of the triplet/crotchet, triplet/crotchet as a full stop.
The pretence that things are normal can’t be sustained.
Gaps are opening up.
Awkwardness; things are unresolved.
MOVEMENT Everyone disappears leaving Becci & Danny standing next to a lightbulb. Both touch it warily then Becci cradles her hands beneath it and follows it up as it rises from her reach.

Becci/Danny contact duet beneath the bulb: a succession of lifts and holds with especial focus on hands as point of contact. Danny leads; Becci responds and twice falls to the floor. Danny looks up at the lightbulb. Towards the end, Becci takes the lead and finally steps away from him and exits. Danny follows; slides to lie beneath the lowering bulb, which hovers just above his heart.

No hiding behind everyday life: the lightbulb mercilessly reminds them that whatever is wrong now has to be articulated.
Sequence takes the form of a heated dialogue, that at times veers into argument.Tension: she collapses, he revives her. In denial. End of discussion. Separation. The movement of the lightbulbs harshly reiterates the couple’s fear for their relationship and each other. He accepts the truth.

Summary of Meaning, mood and significance

Cocoons *48:12 - 53:20*


VISUALS A single light bulb low to the ground creates a glow on Danny’s chest
Film is dominant – the art of colour, shape and design: a giant network of dendrons & nerves that shift slowly and imperceptibly.When the dancers feet touch the ground – we glimpse fleeting and partial images from the film in the strop duets: a face from a photograph, a piece of green grass
Desolation: loss of love
Reference to the opening image of the strop duets, except a lightbulb now occupies the space over Danny where Becci’s head was. The beautiful artistic interior of the brain: complex, mysterious, unknowable, alive, diseased. Glimpsed, easily missed, the last fading memories?
SOUND A low drone note then a gradual crescendo of short, vocal melodic phrases with an Indian/sitar flavour which continue throughout along with rising note motifs at regular intervals and regular percussive electrical-sounds.
Glissandos on strings slide in and out of the texture. All fade to leave only electrical ‘zsst’ noises
Bathing in gentleness, kindness, femaleness & conjuring Indian ideas of meditation, reincarnation & re-birth.
The softness gives way to
harsher, more electrical irregular oddities.
MOVEMENT Danny lies beneath the lightbulb – an echo of the opening shape in the strop duets.
No stage movement but dancers inside the silks create bulges and shapes that move slowly downwards. When their feet hit the floor, the spell is broken. A rare pause in the soundtrack.
The lightbulb = the brain ; the threat to the couple’s relationship?

The amazing interior of the brain: calm, alive complex, beautiful, but diseased.

Summary of meaning, mood and significance

Watch this Charge scene before proceeding.

Forgetting *53:20 - 55:02*


VISUALS The dark moody softness disappears and is replaced by a stark horizontal corridor of unforgiving bright light downstage.
Localised rapid, flashing, electrical images of blue and white streaks & coils become the backdrop for each encounter.
This is the exterior reality.
Harsh, dangerous, harmful, unkind, hurtful
The flashing of an ill brain representing anger, impatience, frustration, desperation.
SOUND Above a gentle regular percussive rhythm, rapid, repeated single piano notes keep recurring and plucked piano strings create a strange metallic sound (John Cage-style). Insistent, annoying, restricted, tense, harsh, minimal.
MOVEMENT A rapid succession of fast-moving contact duets each comprising an action and response. Each involves different character-combinations in rough exchanges of energy: throws, leaps, crashes, falls, pushes & pulls linked by a violent dynamic.

That familiar recurring arm gesture offering help and solace is again futile.

Martina becomes dominant & hunches over clutching her head.

Arguments, fights: the frustrating conflation and confusion of  memories past and present.

Desperate clutches become smothering clingy-ness and are roughly shaken off. Pleas for help and offers of help seem always to be mistimed, misunderstood or ignored.

The young Becci, crippled by migraine.

Summary of meaning, mood and significance

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