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Losing Touch



VISUALS Filmic electrical images morph into a giant representation of an animated ion channel

Giant image of Becci rotating with her hands covering her face, turns to a brain dissection showing multiple rotating rooms. Shifts in plane, sudden downward slippages, surreal images, doors opening, closing, locking, duplicating.

Initially comedic
Despair, confusion, horror
Disorientating & plummeting sensations.
Psychoanalytical disturbance
SOUND The throb and buzz of electrical sounds return as a regular percussive beat & rhythmic figure play out interspersed with melodic string fragments. Lightning storm music is reprised with sharp jagged strings playing a repeated, syncopated riff

Sounds of doors closing and locking
The bass pedal note moves upward, ascending higher and higher to culminate in a cymbal roll before hitting a dramatic low sustained note – the pedal note from the opening duet

Complexity, busyness, disorientation.

Furious energy, dramatic and swirling & ready to explode.

Building to a climax, memories being locked away forever. A note of doom.

MOVEMENT Frank & Franketta dance a unison duet reprising electricity-driven, jump-starting movement material from scenes 3 & 5.

1 by 1 dancers jump into the ion channel and roll out, only to fall flat to the floor

Central image is of hands covering faces & clutching heads; movements are reprised from other scenes: Aerial towers (standing on shoulders) The Franketta duet & the circular running in Hive City. One moment of stillness in the midst of wild activity: Becci, Chris & Danny invert into headstands with flexed feet, as though hanging by the strop.
Dancers react to activity & movement in the film; mirroring, struggling, falling, leaping, dangling & dropping. Disembodied torsos, legs and arms appear stretching sideways into the space

Reference back to Frank – a reminder that we are electrical beings.

The ion channel is the spark of life but these impulses tumble out and don’t move.

Horror film – an enactment of  memories swirling around, merging together and being spoiled in nightmarish fashion and mixed up with Frankenstein; a reminder of where the confusion stems from – a malfunction in bodily electricity.

Summary of Meaning, mood and Significance

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